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System Security Status
CIS Benchmark Score
3,13 of 10
Virus Protection
Microsoft Security Updates
1 missing
(or more)†
† Advisor security definitions are out of date. Click here for the latest definitions.

Computer Profile Summary
Computer Name: Comphanie (in BACKYARD)
Profile Date: dinsdag 11 april 2017 16:09:09
Advisor Version: 7.2h
Windows Logon: Administrator
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Operating System   System Model
Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 (build 2600)   Dell Computer Corporation OptiPlex 170L
System Service Tag: D7N591J (support for this PC)
Chassis Serial Number: D7N591J
Enclosure Type: Mini-Tower
Processor a   Main Circuit Board b
2,80 gigahertz Intel Pentium 4
16 kilobyte primary memory cache
1024 kilobyte secondary memory cache
  Board: Dell Computer Corp. 0U2575
Serial Number: ..CN7082143P00YL.
Bus Clock: 533 megahertz
BIOS: Dell Computer Corporation A05 08/26/2004
Drives   Memory Modules c,d
39,93 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
22,73 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space


ST340014A [Hard drive] (40,00 GB) -- drive 0, s/n 3JXAVH58, rev 8.16, SMART Status: Healthy
  1016 Megabytes Installed Memory

Slot 'DIMM_1' has 512 MB
Slot 'DIMM_2' has 512 MB
  Local Drive Volumes
c: (NTFS on drive 0) 39,93 GB 22,73 GB free
  Network Drives
  None detected
Users (mouse over user name for details)   Printers
local user accountslast logon
 Administrator 11-4-2017 16:04:25 (admin)
local system accounts
 Gast never
 HelpAssistant never
 SUPPORT_388945a0 never
 SUPPORT_3f151ab9 never

DISABLED Marks a disabled account;   LOCKED OUT Marks a locked account
Kyocera FS-3900DN KX on \\SBS2003.vankancon.local\Kyocera FS-3900DN
Kyocera FS-3900DN KX on \\SBS2003.vankancon.local\Kyocera FS-3900DN
Kyocera FS-3900DN KX on \\SERVER.vankan.local\Kyocera FS-3900DN KX (1e verdieping)
Kyocera KM-3050 on \\SERVER.vankan.local\Kyocera KM-3050 (1e verdieping)
Kyocera KM-3050 KX on \\SBS2003.vankancon.local\Kyocera KM-3050
Kyocera KM-3050 KX on \\SBS2003.vankancon.local\Kyocera KM-3050
Lexmark T620 (MS) on \\SBS2003.vankancon.local\Lexmark T620
Microsoft Office Document Image Writer Driver on Microsoft Document Imaging Writer Port:
Microsoft XPS Document Writer on XPSPort:
NRG D420/2820/3220 on \\VEPNT\D420 pand 41
NRG P7014 PCL on \\COMPLEON.vankancon.local\Leon7014
pdfFactory 3 on FPP3:
Ricoh LASER AP1400 PCL on \\COMPJAN.vankancon.local\Ricoh LASER AP1400 PCL
Xerox WorkCentre Pro C2636 on \\SBS2003.vankancon.local\WorkCentre Pro C2636
Xerox WorkCentre Pro C2636 PS on \\SBS2003.vankancon.local\Xerox WorkCentre Pro C2636 PS
Controllers   Display
Intel(R) 82801EB Ultra ATA Storage Controllers (2x)
Primair IDE-kanaal [Controller]
Secundair IDE-kanaal [Controller]
  Intel(R) 82865G Graphics Controller [Display adapter]
COMPAQ 1501 [Monitor] (14,9"vis, s/n TH3195A029, mei 2003)
Bus Adapters   Multimedia
Intel(R) 82801EB USB Universal Host Controller - 24D2
Intel(R) 82801EB USB Universal Host Controller - 24D4
Intel(R) 82801EB USB Universal Host Controller - 24DE
Standard Enhanced PCI naar USB-hostcontroller
  SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio
Communications   Other Devices
Compaq NC3121 Fast Ethernet NIC
 primary  Auto IP Address: / 24
Dhcp Server:
Physical Address: 00:08:C7:5A:E4:0B
Intel(R) PRO/100 VE Network Connection
Intel(R) PRO/100+ Alert on LAN* Management Adapter
Dhcp Server:
Physical Address: 00:90:27:BF:36:82
Networking Dns Servers:
Standaardtoetsenbord (101/102 toetsen) of Microsoft Natural PS/2-toetsenbord [Keyboard]
HID-compliant muis [Mouse]
USB-hoofdhub (4x)
Virus Protection [Back to Top]  
Norman Virus Control ver. 5.99 Version 5.99
    Realtime File Scanning On
Missing Microsoft Security Hotfixes [Back to Top]
   These required security hotfixes (using the 01/09/2007 Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary) were not found installed. Note: CIS benchmarks require that Critical and Important severity security hotfixes must be installed.
Q886903- Important  (details...)
Installed Microsoft Hotfixes [Back to Top]
.NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 2
no verification data    KB958481 on 28-1-2009 (details...)
.NET Framework 3.0 Service Pack 2
no verification data    KB958483 on 28-1-2009 (details...)
.NET Framework 3.5 SP1
no verification data    KB958484 on 28-1-2009 (details...)
no verification data        S867460  (details...)
no verification data        M928366  (details...)
Compatibility Pack for the 2007 Office system
no verification data    KB940289[SP] on 13-12-2007 (details...)
no verification data    KB951550 on 12-11-2008 (details...)
no verification data    KB951944 on 12-9-2008 (details...)
no verification data    KB954038 on 28-8-2008 (details...)
no verification data    KB954326 on 12-9-2008 (details...)
no verification data    KB956828 on 10-12-2008 (details...)
no verification data    KB958439 on 10-12-2008 (details...)
no verification data    Q328797 on 1-10-2004 (details...)
no verification data    Q832483 on 26-3-2004 (details...)
no verification data    Q927978  (details...)
no verification data    Q936181  (details...)
no verification data    Q954430  (details...)
Office Professional Editie 2003
no verification data    KB907417 on 22-8-2007 (details...)
no verification data    KB921598 on 28-8-2008 (details...)
no verification data    KB923618[SP] on 21-9-2007 (details...)
no verification data    KB943452 on 14-11-2007 (details...)
no verification data    KB943649 on 12-12-2007 (details...)
no verification data    KB943973 on 13-2-2008 (details...)
no verification data    KB945185 on 13-2-2008 (details...)
no verification data    KB948988 on 28-8-2008 (details...)
no verification data    KB950213 on 14-5-2008 (details...)
no verification data    KB951535 on 12-11-2008 (details...)
no verification data    KB953404 on 12-9-2008 (details...)
no verification data    KB953432 on 9-7-2008 (details...)
no verification data    KB954478 on 12-9-2008 (details...)
no verification data    KB955439 on 28-8-2008 (details...)
no verification data    KB956357 on 10-12-2008 (details...)
no verification data    KB958436 on 10-12-2008 (details...)
no verification data    KB962870 on 24-6-2009 (details...)
Windows Media Player 10
no verification data    KB911565  (details...)
no verification data    KB917734_WMP10  (details...)
no verification data    KB936782_WMP10  (details...)
passed verification        KB911565 on 16-2-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB917734_WMP10 on 16-6-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB936782_WMP10 on 15-8-2007 (details...)
Windows Media Player 6.4
no verification data    KB925398_WMP64  (details...)
passed verification        KB925398_WMP64 on 13-12-2006 (details...)
Windows Media Player
passed verification    WM817787  (details...)
passed verification    WM828026  (details...)
no verification data    KB952069_WM9  (details...)
passed verification        Q828026 on 27-3-2004 (details...)
passed verification        KB911564 on 16-2-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB952069_WM9 on 10-12-2008 (details...)
Windows XP
no verification data    KB923689  (details...)
no verification data    KB941569  (details...)
passed verification        KB923689 on 13-12-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB941569 on 12-12-2007 (details...)
no verification data        KB811113[SP] on 12-11-2004 (details...)
passed verification        KB834707 on 15-11-2004 (details...)
passed verification        KB867282 on 15-2-2005 (details...)
passed verification        KB873333 on 15-2-2005 (details...)
passed verification        KB873339 on 17-12-2004 (details...)
passed verification        KB883939 on 16-6-2005 (details...)
passed verification        KB885250 on 15-2-2005 (details...)
passed verification        KB885835 on 17-12-2004 (details...)
passed verification        KB885836 on 17-12-2004 (details...)
passed verification        KB886185 on 17-12-2004 (details...)
passed verification        KB887472 on 15-2-2005 (details...)
passed verification        KB887742 on 25-2-2005 (details...)
passed verification        KB888113 on 15-2-2005 (details...)
passed verification        KB888302 on 15-2-2005 (details...)
passed verification        KB890046 on 16-6-2005 (details...)
passed verification        KB890047 on 15-2-2005 (details...)
passed verification        KB890175 on 14-1-2005 (details...)
passed verification        KB890859 on 15-4-2005 (details...)
passed verification        KB890923 on 15-4-2005 (details...)
passed verification        KB891781 on 15-2-2005 (details...)
passed verification        KB893066 on 15-4-2005 (details...)
passed verification        KB893086 on 15-4-2005 (details...)
passed verification        KB893756 on 16-8-2005 (details...)
passed verification        KB893803 on 15-4-2005 (details...)
passed verification        KB893803V2 on 24-5-2005 (details...)
passed verification        KB894391 on 16-8-2005 (details...)
passed verification        KB896358 on 16-6-2005 (details...)
passed verification        KB896422 on 16-6-2005 (details...)
passed verification        KB896423 on 16-8-2005 (details...)
passed verification        KB896424 on 10-11-2005 (details...)
passed verification        KB896428 on 16-6-2005 (details...)
passed verification        KB896688 on 25-10-2005 (details...)
passed verification        KB896727 on 16-8-2005 (details...)
passed verification        KB898461 on 30-6-2005 (details...)
passed verification        KB899587 on 16-8-2005 (details...)
passed verification        KB899588 on 16-8-2005 (details...)
passed verification        KB899589 on 25-10-2005 (details...)
passed verification        KB899591 on 16-8-2005 (details...)
passed verification        KB900485 on 26-4-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB900725 on 25-10-2005 (details...)
passed verification        KB901017 on 25-10-2005 (details...)
passed verification        KB901214 on 14-7-2005 (details...)
passed verification        KB902400 on 25-10-2005 (details...)
no verification data        KB903235 on 14-7-2005 (details...)
passed verification        KB904706 on 25-10-2005 (details...)
passed verification        KB905414 on 25-10-2005 (details...)
passed verification        KB905749 on 25-10-2005 (details...)
passed verification        KB905915 on 15-12-2005 (details...)
passed verification        KB908519 on 12-1-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB908531 on 19-4-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB910437 on 15-12-2005 (details...)
passed verification        KB911280 on 16-6-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB911562 on 19-4-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB911567 on 19-4-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB911927 on 16-2-2006 (details...)
Windows XP
    SP3 (continued)
passed verification        KB912812 on 19-4-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB912919 on 9-1-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB913446 on 16-2-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB913580 on 12-5-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB914388 on 13-7-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB914389 on 16-6-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB916281 on 16-6-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB916595 on 13-7-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB917159 on 13-7-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB917344 on 16-6-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB917422 on 14-8-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB917953 on 16-6-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB918118 on 15-2-2007 (details...)
passed verification        KB918439 on 16-6-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB918899 on 14-8-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB919007 on 19-9-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB920213 on 20-11-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB920214 on 14-8-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB920670 on 14-8-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB920683 on 14-8-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB920685 on 19-9-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB920872 on 19-9-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB921398 on 14-8-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB921503 on 15-8-2007 (details...)
passed verification        KB921883 on 11-8-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB922582 on 19-9-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB922616 on 14-8-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB922760 on 20-11-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB922819 on 16-10-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB923191 on 16-10-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB923414 on 16-10-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB923694 on 13-12-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB923980 on 20-11-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB924191 on 16-10-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB924270 on 20-11-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB924496 on 16-10-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB924667 on 15-2-2007 (details...)
passed verification        KB925454 on 13-12-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB925486 on 28-9-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB925720 on 29-1-2009 (details...)
passed verification        KB925902 on 4-4-2007 (details...)
passed verification        KB926255 on 13-12-2006 (details...)
passed verification        KB926436 on 15-2-2007 (details...)
passed verification        KB927779 on 15-2-2007 (details...)
passed verification        KB927802 on 15-2-2007 (details...)
passed verification        KB927891 on 29-5-2007 (details...)
passed verification        KB928090 on 15-2-2007 (details...)
passed verification        KB928255 on 15-2-2007 (details...)
passed verification        KB928843 on 15-2-2007 (details...)
passed verification        KB929123 on 13-6-2007 (details...)
passed verification        KB929338 on 14-3-2007 (details...)
passed verification        KB929969 on 12-1-2007 (details...)
passed verification        KB930178 on 12-4-2007 (details...)
passed verification        KB930916 on 10-5-2007 (details...)
passed verification        KB931261 on 12-4-2007 (details...)
passed verification        KB931768 on 10-5-2007 (details...)
passed verification        KB931784 on 12-4-2007 (details...)
passed verification        KB931836 on 15-2-2007 (details...)
passed verification        KB932168 on 12-4-2007 (details...)
passed verification        KB933566 on 13-6-2007 (details...)
passed verification        KB933729 on 11-10-2007 (details...)
passed verification        KB935839 on 13-6-2007 (details...)
passed verification        KB935840 on 13-6-2007 (details...)
passed verification        KB936021 on 15-8-2007 (details...)
passed verification        KB936357 on 11-7-2007 (details...)
passed verification        KB937143 on 15-8-2007 (details...)
passed verification        KB937894 on 12-12-2007 (details...)
passed verification        KB938127 on 15-8-2007 (details...)
passed verification        KB938828 on 15-8-2007 (details...)
passed verification        KB938829 on 15-8-2007 (details...)
passed verification        KB939653 on 11-10-2007 (details...)
passed verification        KB941202 on 11-10-2007 (details...)
passed verification        KB941568 on 12-12-2007 (details...)
passed verification        KB941644 on 11-1-2008 (details...)
passed verification        KB941693 on 9-4-2008 (details...)
passed verification        KB942615 on 12-12-2007 (details...)
passed verification        KB942840 on 12-12-2007 (details...)
passed verification        KB943055 on 13-2-2008 (details...)
passed verification        KB943460 on 14-11-2007 (details...)
passed verification        KB943485 on 11-1-2008 (details...)
passed verification        KB944338 on 9-4-2008 (details...)
passed verification        KB944533 on 13-2-2008 (details...)
passed verification        KB944653 on 12-12-2007 (details...)
passed verification        KB945553 on 9-4-2008 (details...)
passed verification        KB946026 on 13-2-2008 (details...)
no verification data        KB946627 on 3-1-2008 (details...)
passed verification        KB947864 on 9-4-2008 (details...)
passed verification        KB948590 on 9-4-2008 (details...)
no verification data        KB948881 on 9-4-2008 (details...)
passed verification        KB950749 on 14-5-2008 (details...)
no verification data        KB938464 on 12-9-2008 (details...)
passed verification        KB946648 on 28-8-2008 (details...)
passed verification        KB950759 on 11-6-2008 (details...)
no verification data        KB950760 on 11-6-2008 (details...)
passed verification        KB950762 on 11-6-2008 (details...)
passed verification        KB950974 on 28-8-2008 (details...)
passed verification        KB951066 on 28-8-2008 (details...)
passed verification        KB951376 on 11-6-2008 (details...)
passed verification        KB951376-V2 on 20-6-2008 (details...)
passed verification        KB951698 on 11-6-2008 (details...)
passed verification        KB951748 on 9-7-2008 (details...)
passed verification        KB952287 on 28-8-2008 (details...)
passed verification        KB952954 on 28-8-2008 (details...)
passed verification        KB953838 on 3-9-2008 (details...)
passed verification        KB954211 on 15-10-2008 (details...)
passed verification        KB954550-V5 on 28-1-2009 (details...)
passed verification        KB954600 on 10-12-2008 (details...)
passed verification        KB955069 on 12-11-2008 (details...)
passed verification        KB956390 on 15-10-2008 (details...)
passed verification        KB956802 on 10-12-2008 (details...)
passed verification        KB956803 on 15-10-2008 (details...)
passed verification        KB956841 on 15-10-2008 (details...)
passed verification        KB957095 on 15-10-2008 (details...)
passed verification        KB957097 on 12-11-2008 (details...)
passed verification        KB958215 on 10-12-2008 (details...)
passed verification        KB958644 on 24-10-2008 (details...)
passed verification        KB958687 on 14-1-2009 (details...)
passed verification        KB958690 on 24-6-2009 (details...)
passed verification        KB960225 on 24-6-2009 (details...)
passed verification        KB960714 on 18-12-2008 (details...)
passed verification        KB961118 on 24-6-2009 (details...)
passed verification        KB967715 on 24-6-2009 (details...)

Click here to see all available Microsoft security hotfixes for this computer.

     Marks a security hotfix (using the 01/09/2007 Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary)
verifies OK Marks a hotfix that verifies correctly
fails verification Marks a hotfix that fails verification (note that failing hotfixes need to be reinstalled)
  Unmarked hotfixes lack the data to allow verification
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Belarc - Advisorc19fa394
Microsoft - Business Contact Manager voor Outlook 200374602-398-6711175-04535
Microsoft - Business Solutions eCRM74602-398-6711175-04535 (Key: R2D43-3DHG9-DQ79W-W3DXQ-929DY)
Microsoft - Internet Explorer55679-OEM-0011903-00102 (Key: XJM6Q-BQ8HW-T6DFB-Y934T-YD4YT)e
Microsoft - Office Professional Editie 200373050-OEM-5790151-54057 (Key: DPC72-3DMQR-JQ6RV-J2YC2-KKPMQ)e
Microsoft - WebFldrs XP12345-111-1111111-07955
Microsoft - Windows XP Professional55679-OEM-0011903-00102 (Key: XJM6Q-BQ8HW-T6DFB-Y934T-YD4YT)e
MyWebSearch - barZRzed002YYNL_ZZzer000
MyWebSearch - SearchAssistantZRzed002YYNL_ZZzer000
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Adobe Reader and Acrobat Manager Version 1.701.3.3014 *
Adobe Reader Version *
Adobe® Flash® Player Update Service Version 11,9,900,152 *
Agnitum Ltd. - Auto FeedBack Version 3.5.641.6214 *
Agnitum Ltd. - Outpost Firewall Version 3.5.458.6213 *
Agnitum Update Dynamic Link Library Version 3.5.641.6214 *
Alexander Roshal - WinRAR archiver Version *
Apple Inc. - QuickTime QuickTime 7.2 *
Belarc, Inc. - Advisor Version 7.2h *
CompuPhase - Termite Version 2.9.4671 *
CyberLink Corp. - PowerDVD Version 3.0.2409 *
DOSBox DOS Emulator Version 0, 74, 0, 0 *
FinePrint Software, LLC - pdfFactory Version 3.02 *
Google Drive Version 2.34.5075.1619 *
Google Update Version *
Google Updater Version 2.4.2617.4952.beta *
GoogleToolbarNotifier Version 4, 1, 509, 1944 *
Intel(R) Network Configuration Services Version *
JP Software - 4NT Version 7.00.323 *
McAfee Security Scanner + Version 3,8,0,0 *
McAfee UI Container Version 5,9,0,0 *
Mediaplayer  *
Microsoft (r) Windows Script Host Version *
Microsoft Application Error Reporting Version 11.0.8163 *
Microsoft Clip Organizer Version 11.0.8164 *
Microsoft Corporation - Internet Explorer Version 8.00.6001.18702 *
Microsoft Corporation - Messenger Version 4.7.3001 *
Microsoft Corporation - Office Source Engine Version 11.0.5525 *
Microsoft Corporation - SelfCert Version 11.0.8164 *
Microsoft Corporation - Windows Installer - Unicode Version 3.1.4000.1823 *
Microsoft Corporation - Windows Movie Maker Version 2.1.4026.0 *
Microsoft Corporation - Windows® NetMeeting® Version 3.01 *
Microsoft Data Access Components Version 3.525.1117.0 *
Microsoft Office 2003 Version 11.0.8237 *
Microsoft Office Document Imaging Version 11.0.8166.2 *
Microsoft Office InfoPath Version 11.0.8161 *
Microsoft Office Isolated Converter Environment Version 12.0.6211.1000 *
Microsoft Office Outlook Version 11.0.8217 *
Microsoft Office Picture Manager Version 11.0.8161 *
Microsoft Office-wizard Mijn instellingen opslaan/Profiel Version 11.0.8161 *
Microsoft Open XML Converter Version 12.0.6211.1000 *
Microsoft SQL Server Version 8.00.818 *
Microsoft(R) Windows Media Player Version *
Microsoft® .NET Framework Version 2.0.50727.3053 *
Microsoft® .NET Framework Version 3.0.6920.1427 *
Microsoft® Fax Server Version 5.2.1776.0 *
Microsoft® Schedule+ for Windows 95(TM) Version 7.5 *
Microsoft® Silverlight Version 5.1.10411.0 *
Microsoft® Visual Studio .NET Version 7.00.9466 *
Mozilla Corporation - Firefox Version 47.0.2 *
Mozilla Foundation - Firefox Version 47.0.2 *
Piriform Ltd - CCleaner Version 3, 23, 0, 1823 *
Profinance - VisiePlan Version 2.4 *
Simon Tatham - PuTTY suite Release 0.66 *
Sun Microsystems, Inc. - Java(TM) Platform SE 6 U5 Version *
WinImage application file Version 8.50.8500 *
Wizards om de beveiliging van .NET Framework aan te passen, assembly's te vertrouwen en beschadigde .NET-toepassingen te herstellen. Version 1.0.5000.0 *

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a. Megahertz measurement may be inaccurate if other programs were busy during last analysis.
b. Data may be transferred on the bus at one, two, or four times the Bus Clock rate.
c. Memory slot contents may not add up to Installed Memory if some memory is not recognized by Windows.
d. Memory slot contents is reported by the motherboard BIOS. Contact system vendor if slot contents are wrong.
e. This may be the manufacturer's factory installed product key rather than yours.
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