Trying to get Miracle Piano to run ...

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Trying to get Miracle Piano to run ...

Postby DonnaNCarolina » 2018-11-13 @ 01:15

Miracle Piano Teaching System, circa 1991. It has a keyboard attached with a MIDI/USB cable and the installation seems to think it is communicating. The program teaches you to play the piano thru a series of lessons. I did have a laptop that I ran the program from, it was Windows 95 (I think). I recently recycled the laptop (wish I hadn't but it didn't power up).

I am trying to run it on a Windows 10 computer, 64-bit operating system. The program starts and shows the initial logo and a followup screen. It then shows a stopwatch and gets stuck. When I monitor it under the Task Manager, when the initial screens start, it runs about 30% of the CPU. When it hits the stopwatch screen, the Task Manager shows it to be using less than 1% CPU. It just seems to hang at that point.

I've tried modifying CORE, CYCLES and CTL-PF8 to increase frames. Also checked that all files are not marked as read-only. Nothing seems to help.

Any suggestions appreciated.
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Re: Trying to get Miracle Piano to run ...

Postby Jo22 » 2019-1-06 @ 08:29

Hi, sorry for the late reply! I wish you a happy new year!

I'm speaking under correction, but I think DOSBox only has MIDI-out for now in order to support MT-32 and other MIDI modules.
In order to fully use a keyboard, you'll need a MIDI-in support, as well.

Edit: You may have more luck using PCem or 86Box with Windows 98SE installed inside.
Or Qemu, which also supports a Sound Blaster 16. Not sure though, if Qemu supports MPU-401 emulation.
If not, just use any emulator/virtualizer that either has MIDI support for native DOS or can run a
32-Bit Windows that has the ability to emulate MIDI support for DOS applications.
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Re: Trying to get Miracle Piano to run ...

Postby DonnaNCarolina » 2019-1-06 @ 13:07

Thanks! I’d pretty much given up. I did buy a cheap laptop running Windows 7 in 32-bit mode but didn’t get any farther. Guess it’s good I haven’t packed up everything to head for EBay! I’m not a PC person so I’ll go do some research on your recommendations.

I appreciate your taking the time to respond! Will let you know if I get anywhere with your recommendations.
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