So, there he was.. the man with a sword
And what was he doing during the nightly rites, well, he is the one

let's go back in time, back to the origins of it all.. a very long time ago

In a time where people lived in wooden, straw and dung build homes, tree leaves and straw on the roofs
little fires kept alive between the houses, to provide ready fire for those who needed it
food was prepared and the smell filled the little hovel pitted area, it was home, it feld good
The fishermen came back from their daily netting or dragging their wet loot from the local river
Woodchoppers carried the volumes needed for the ready fire to exist, on their backs or on mules

A blacksmith is working on the frequent ordered items, rings,
nails, hammering and making the well known sounds.

The Day turned to night, and the moon took over his duty to guard the fields
the brushes russle by the wind, an owl broke the rule of silence with good license
An unknown new visitor entered the area on a horse nobody has seen before
to dark to make out, the moon just hidden behind the nightly clouds
the visitor enteres the House of the Blacksmith, silence returns, the clouds fade

In the Morning there is no sign or trace about who ever came and wend
The Vilagers are unaware, the soil left no traces, not even the track
made by the horse.. gone.. erased.. or, did it even happen?